Where Leisure Is Paramount




Our Crew

Eli “Big E” Baroh

Reservations Desk

B. Haines
Lead Boozehound

Nostalgia B
Cut Creator

Havana Hospitality Group, Inc.
Rules and Regulations



Envision the bustling lobby of an old hotel in an aging city. As time passes and luster fades, an atmosphere of timeless yet worn elegance emerges. Vibrant color complements dark mahogany and lush vegetation. 

The place takes on the air of an old social club, with a modern twist.

At the bar, an extensive collection of rums and tequilas line the shelves. Women and men sip painstakingly hand-crafted cocktails garnished with colorful paper umbrellas.

A roster of the city’s finest DJs spin records through a booming sound system. And it’s on.

Vintage light fixtures hang from a pressed tin ceiling, painted gold by hand. Restrooms are simple and clean with luxurious hand soap and fresh flowers.

At the entrance to the bar, guests are greeted on their way in and thanked on their way out, always pleasantly surprised by our tendency, as they say in the game of billiards, to put a little english on it.

Suddenly, this is the best night of your life.

At HAVANA, your leisure is our pleasure: It is our mission to set these events in motion.